Question by  newbiesblogger (13)

What font is L L Cool J's left arm tattoo?

I love him and his tattoos!


Answer by  itsmeagain (177)

The font of LL Cool J's tatto (on his left arm) is called Wildstyle. Wildstyle is a font that you can buy online to add to your current word processor's repertoire of fonts. Wildstyle is expensive for a font, at $129 USD. There is a similar font, Wild Boi, which is only $29. 00.


Answer by  MikeyRickets97 (5)

I've seen dozens of cool tattoos on LL Cool J and I think the ones on his left arm are the best! The font of the one on his left arm seems to be Comic Sans, and the color seems to be simple black. I think it makes the others stand out even more.


Answer by  LoveLanaLee (12)

The tattoo on L L Cool J's left arm actually isn't technically a font so to speak,or at least not one that could come from a computer. It is more of a tribal tattoo to form the words Respect. So it actually appears to be a sort of cross between tribal art and graffitti style writing.


Answer by  Tom40 (13)

I have absolutly no idea. I do no recall ever seeing his tattoo. The reason is simple, i have no idea who he is!

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