Question by  webguy (117)

How can I determine if my car is rated good for gas mileage?

I need to know how a car is rated gas mileage wise.


Answer by  sdblack99 (329)

Simply Google search "gas mileage of Honda civic" or "mpg of Mazda 6". Insert whatever car you are trying to research and results will show. Also simply think about it. is your automobile a light weight 4cyl. coupe or sedan(good mpg 25-35)? or is it a Huge v8 SUV(bad mpg 10-15mpg?


Answer by  Jag636 (94)

Fill up your car to full and reset your odometer. when you hit empty calculate your mpg by deviding your milage by the # of gallons your gas tank is.


Answer by  neielg (311)

You can determine you car if is rated for gas mileage if you hit around 12,000 miles per year of age more or less. It depends also on the type of vehicle that you are speaking of.

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