Question by  norwood3317 (130)

What is the best place in Texas for retiring?

I need to stay within my budget, too.


Answer by  bbrukner (12)

I don't know what your budget amount is, but I have visited the Brownsville area a few times and find it a great place to live. You are near Mexico if you like to travel there. The birding areas are considered hot spots in America. The weather is fairly nice.


Answer by  milagros87 (6)

Lake Texoma in north central Texas is a great retirement area. There is lots to do, and the cost of living is very reasonable for the activities and scenery offered.


Answer by  jrwheeless (16)

Kerrville, TX is a great place to retire to, especially if you are a veteran. Everything you possibly need is there (including a VA hospital) at reasonable prices.


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

Austin is good as far as rent goes. It has a lot locally so you don't have to travel to far to get groceries and supplies.

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