Question by  jackson (75)

What is the best cold air intake for a mustang gt?

I need help with my cold air intake on my mustang gt.


Answer by  MechMan3 (885)

The best intake kits for a Mustang are AEM, Ford Motorsport, or Roush. You want a stainless or aluminum pipe with mandrel bends and all of these have just that. They may cost more, but this is one case where you get what you pay for without a doubt. These three companies are leaders in the aftermarket.


Answer by  Elango (41)

K&N and all other so called cold air intakes are a complete scam. They do not and any horse power what so ever Most of them are not even a cold air intake. Your stock air intake has duct work that runs outside the engine compartment to get the engine fresh outside air most after market intakes


Answer by  rasheed (8)

C&L would be my pic. Something that draws air from outside of the car is the best. You don't really want an open element that draws in hot air from under the hood. Cooler air means more HP. C&L is comes with a programmer to adust for larger MAF sensor. K&N is also not bad.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

The best cold air intake could be the 2005+with mustang which would provide the best expected results. The full throttle red line would also be the best cold air intake.

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