Question by  medusa (14)

What is the best bait for pond fishing for bass?


Answer by  Eric6566 (115)

The best bait is usually live bait. The easiest live bait for most people to get is earthworms. If you can get live shiners from a tackle shop they work even better. You can also buy frozen shiners or other dead bait at the tackle shop. Plastic lures such as a jitterbug also work well, especially at dusk and dawn.


Answer by  Captainrichspicedrum (49)

Many experienced fishermen will swear on a worm and a bobber for this. They primarily feed on the sides of the pond but not on the floor. so any small floating bait should work. Just make sure you try out the sides of the pond instead of the center.


Answer by  CR125 (396)

Really great artificial bait I would reccomend is purple Powerbait brand worms infused with Yum attractant. Spinnerbaits, spoons, and other detailed lures should get the job done as long as it looks realistic. Real night crawlers and minnows also work well during spawning.


Answer by  AbbieThompson (175)

In my opinion, the best artificial baits for bass are either a four bladed white spinner bait or a buzz bait. If trees or water plants are present, plastic worms are highly recommended. The best live bait for bass are shad or minnows hooked through the backbone with a cork on the line one to two feet above the bait.


Answer by  carhs (63)

When i have gone fishing, i have always used squid as bait, when fishing for bass. Also, this may not work as well depending on your place in the world.

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