Question by  lakshmi16 (19)

What is the average grocery bill for a family of four?


Answer by  dc8333 (420)

It depends on what you like eating and whether you plan to buy any luxury items. It also depends on whether you have any younger children as things like nappies, wipes, baby food soon rack up the bill. I'd say you're looking at around £70 per week for the basics.


Answer by  Phyllis843 (141)

Maybe $100 a week. You could probably manage on $60 a week. If you bought lots of prepared food and didn't cook much, you might spend $200 a week or more. The $100 guess is for a family that cooks their meals, buys items on sale, and eats less expensive foods that require more preparation.


Answer by  candygurl (60)

An average grocery bill for a family of four depends where you shop and how often. If your shopping for the week you should be able to feed your family for about 150 dollars if you shop at wall mart.

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