Question by  ConSue (69)

What is the algebra problem which starts, "if Joe can paint a house in 6 hours"...?

I don't remember the whole problem, and would like to teach my friends. Can you tell me the problem, and the answer?


Answer by  Clement (1453)

Typically it continues and says that say Jane would paint the house in, say, 8 hours, and asks how fast Joe and Jane will paint the house together. Observe in one hour Joe paints 1/6 of the house and Jane 1/8, together they paint 7/24 in one hour, i. e. , they need 24/7 hours.


Answer by  ds (18)

Please answer the following algebra problem. If Joe can paint a house in 6 hours, and Jean can paint a house in 8 hours, how many houses can Joe and Jean paint together in 24 hours? Assume that they do not take any breaks and can work around the clock. Answer: 7 houses

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