Question by  Severin (22)

What is something to good to say when you are sending birthday wishes?

I never know what to say.


Answer by  lcm (132)

Be genuine - think about what you'd say if the person were there. For close friends, take it as an opportunity to tell them how much you value their friendship.


Answer by  elb (1105)

Wish them a lot of something they enjoy in the coming year - time with family, quilting, travel, etc. If you and they are religious, wish them God's blessings. If last year was difficult, wish them a better time in the coming year. Wishing health and happiness is always appropriate.


Answer by  MzWilliams (66)

Sometimes it is easy to keep things simple. To avoid sounding like you're hamming things up outside of your personality, the best thing you can do is say things such as "hope you're having a good one!" or "may your day be lovely!"

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