Question by  Jamie51 (39)

What is some advice for managing difficult employees?

I was recently promoted, and while I love my management position, and the salary that goes along with it, I'm finding dealing with the staff frustrating.


Answer by  guir (7)

Adopt these two approaches, motivation and enhance relationships with the staff. You need to find the source of resistance of your staff, which might be a lack of incentives in terms of remuneration, or might be in terms of praises. Enhance relationships by encouraging team works and from time to time do have a cup of tea with them.


Answer by  dcnelson28 (38)

Every employee has one or more ideas, philosophies or beliefs that motivate them in addition to the money. A manager's goal is to gain some insight into what those are and play each "difficult" employee like an instrument. Reduce the perception of distance and differences between you and the employee.


Answer by  halibut (29)

It is generally a good practice to know what moves staff inside your organization. Knowing individual expectations and objectives is an essential step towards motivating people.


Answer by  barkley (951)

Seek to understand what their problems are, develop a plan for corrective action with each employee and document the results. Document everything to protect yourself.

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