Question by  Sockless (528)

What is so special about the beer Lambic?

I know that Lambic is brewed in a certain part of Beligum but I do not understand what makes it so special.


Answer by  Wolfwerx (76)

Lambic style beers are brewed (typically) using aged hops, then fermented with "wild" yeasts from the air, rather than cultivated yeast strains. It is normally very sour, and is typically described as smelling of horse stalls/blankets among professional judges. It is cloudy, and they are usually strong in alcohol content.


Answer by  sward8 (14)

Lambic beer is not made by normal fermentation methods for beer. It is made by bacteria and yeasts from the Senne Valley. These special ingredients cause spontaneous fermentation which is why Lambic beer is so special. Lambic beer is also known to be made from a combination of two different kinds of beer.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the unique thing about Lambic is that is created with spontaneous fermentation. Meaning it is exposed and fermented by the natural wild yeasts in the air rather than with a certain culture strain. This give it a different flavor.


Answer by  John (9008)

It is different in that it is heavily flavored with fruit. Thus, it has a much sweeter taste than most beers. Different fruits are used in different types of it.


Answer by  Shifter (96)

Lambic beer is exposed to wild yeasts and bacteria that are native to the Senne valley, in the Pajottenland region of Belgium. It originated about 500 years ago, and was popular with the working class. It is mainly consumed after refermentation. When pure, it is cloudy and uncarbonated, with a sour taste.

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