human body


Question by  karras2000 (3)

How did the complex body mechanism, specially the human, come into existence?

It is really very extraordinary as to how the complex and still not fully understood human body mechanism came into being. Specially I mean the female reproductive system.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

In simple terms, all life lends itself to complexity over time. Humans are no more complex than any other form of life on the planet at present; we're just better at communication and tool-building. Simplicity is actually not the norm. Specialization occurs in all areas of cell evolution, in fact fairly quickly. Specialization goes on to complexity. It's just time.


Answer by  jude11 (499)

Human beings came into existence through a long process called evolution. It's a long gradual change, that includes the development and refinement of things such as the female reproductive system.

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