Question by  lalaland (238)

What is Sammy Sosa doing now?

Is he still playing baseball?


Answer by  Tank (539)

No, he is retired since 2009 and is living back in the Dominican Republic. Injuries, old age and steroid suspicions plagued his last few years.

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Answer by  dheis (58)

Sammy Sosa retired from baseball in 2009, 13 days before being accused by the New York Times of steroid use. He now resides in his home country of Dominican Republic.


Answer by  camarotim (315)

No,Sammy Sosa is no longer playing baseball. Sammy Sosa finished his career with his original team the Texas Rangers as a DH and playing right field on occasion. Sammy Sosa announced his retirement on June 3,2009.


Answer by  george55 (5)

Sammy Sosa has since retiring from baseball been pretty hidden from the public because of the steroid scandal. It is beleived that he even bleached his skin white, check google images.


Answer by  Mary07 (199)

Sammy Sosa retired from major league baseball on June 3rd 2009, after sitting out the 2008 season. He is active in charitable causes for youth baseball in the Dominican Republic. He also volunteers his time for charitable causes such as the poor and needy in the Dominican Republic as well.


Answer by  udertheo (116)

Sammy Sosa last played in the major leagues for the Texas Rangers in 2007. As of last check, he was living in the Dominican Republic but was no longer playing professional baseball. His last major public appearance was controversial since his skin had been noticeably lightened with a skin cream he had admitted to using and promoting.

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