Question by  mouscelia (170)

If I'm not going to a wedding should I still send a gift?

I am not sure of the proper etiquette.


Answer by  Tracy15 (821)

Well if you are a family member even though you are not going to the wedding you should really send a gift since you are family. If you are only a friend and you are not going you really don't have to send one unless you really want to it depends on how good of a friend they are.


Answer by  anne (336)

No, as a rule of thumb you should spend on the wedding gift as much as your coming costs (meal/drinks). Since you are not going, you are not costing anything.


Answer by  npatin44 (258)

You should still send a gift, but you don't have to spend as much as you might if you were planning on attending.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

This depends on how close you are to the couple, or why you aren't going. If it's someone close to you, or close family, you should send a gift, especially if you don't have a good reason for not attending the wedding. If the wedding is for someone you don't know well or never have contact with anymore, it's ok.


Answer by  Anonymous

According to Miss. Manners, you do not have to send a gift but you are required to send a letter wishing them a long happy life together.


Answer by  dpauleyii (843)

If you are invited to a wedding it is proper that you send a gift even if you are not going to attend.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Yes, it's good etiquette to send a gift if you cannot attend the Wedding. You can send them money or you could send a gift. Either is a good gesture and a symbol of kindness.

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