Question by  RachelDeitz (18)

What is normal with a rook piercing?

Mine is taking forever to heal.


Answer by  Rachaella (7)

The rook is a hard cartilaginous part of the ear, so healing time is much slower there than the fleshy lobe. Make sure to keep it clean and to rotate the piercing to prevent infection. It may take up to a year to heal. See your doctor with any concerns.


Answer by  Rich85420 (45)

Some rook piercing do take longer to heal due to the amount of cartilage that the needle must pass through. Some have taken up to a year to heal as with many cartilage piercings. if you are worried about it, I would see a doctor.


Answer by  dipoju (49)

Cartilage piercings take a while to heal. A rough estimate is around six months. Cleaning with alochol or any irritant will make the healing process take longer.


Answer by  helper72 (282)

You should expect for your piercing to take at least eight weeks to heal. Excess lymph around the piercing is normal.


Answer by  jessyshmoshmessy (122)

Any piercing takes time to heal. If the time in which you are supposed to leave in the piercing has passed, and the piercing is still sore and red, keep the piercing in a little longer and clean in daily.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Because cartilage has a sealing layer (perichondrium)infection can easily become trapped within, and because of the position of this piercing it's easy for the piercing to become infected. Any time a healing takes too long a medical professional should look at it, and this one can become a medical emergency.


Answer by  SqueakyFrancis (31)

A rook piercing goes through a lot of cartilage, which doesn't have a lot of blood flow so it can't heal as quickly. On top of that, it's in an area that makes it very hard to avoid bumping (whenever you're sleeping, or any time you're on a telephone, for instance. ) Unfortunately it can take a year to heal.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

A piercing in the rook,or helix cartilege of the ear,normally takes longer to heal because of the nature of the tissue.It could take a month or longer.

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