Question by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

What do I need to know about getting a border collie golden mix and children?

I was just given a border collie golden mix and have children.


Answer by  bobdobbs (100)

Border collies and golden retrievers are generally docile animals that mix will with children. However, it is important whenever introducing a new dog to children that the dog understands where they fit in the pack. If the dog respects you as the alpha, then that protected status will extend to your children as well.


Answer by  lovepawsandclaws (56)

As with any dog , adult especially, be careful that children do not torment the dog and never leave children and a dog alone together. Border collies can have a tendency to nip at the heels of running children. Goldens are generally great with kids and as a mix will probably make a great family pet.


Answer by  CptMorgan (41)

Most accidents involving goldens and children come from the dog jumping on the kids, knocking them over. Work with the dog and let him know it's not right to jump.


Answer by  Badgzara (95)

You should probably know that border collies need a lot of exercise as they are really hyper. However, having golden retriever mix might calm the dog down. They both are family friendly but you might have to worry about the dog "herding" your children if there is inadequate exercise.


Answer by  Anonymous

make sure to give him lots of exercise.


Answer by  enlighten (5)

You need to find out how protective the border collies are. Will they get along with children and if they will tolrate kids tugging and pulling on them.

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