Question by  andaman (240)

What is the best way to take an extra pair of shoes in a luggage?

I am going on a long trip via airplane, and i need to take an extra pair of dress shoes... I don't want them to get squished. What do you do when you need to take shoes in luggage?


Answer by  lmath629 (402)

Put a plastic bag inside each shoe and stuff that plastic bag with small, soft items, like socks. Then put the shoe inside another plastic bag to avoid scratches from other items in luggage.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

I stuff the shoes with socks, underwear or other small, soft items to maintain their shape. Wrap in a plastic bag to stop dirt transfer and place in the bottom of the suitcase.


Answer by  DulceDeLeche (219)

i end up putting my shoes in one of those standard boxes that amazon ships stuff in. sure its bulky, but it really protects nice shoes from getting crushed... this probably only works up until size 10 or 11... I fill the remaining space with socks/other small items.


Answer by  becki (229)

I always put a pair of socks rolled up in each shoe. This will prevent it from getting crushed. You could also make sure to have them in the middle of the suitcase between clothes so they will have a "cushion" while being transported.


Answer by  darkmatter (124)

Roll up your socks in balls and use them to stuff the shoes. Then wrap up your shoes in individual plastic bags and find a firm place where you can wedge them inside the suitcase.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

I usually pack them betwwn the suitcase walls and the clothing: given your concern I would put them nearest the handle so there will be no pressure on them when the suitcase is upright. You can also stuff them with something that will help them keep their form.

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