Question by  jagadeeshpuvvula (9)

What is meant by proprietary software?

I do not understand the language for my contract for computer software.


Answer by  nimrod (321)

All the software that is "owned" by a company and provides its users only with a "use" license is proprietary. This means that nobody besides the Owner can make changes to that program or sell it.


Answer by  valter (5)

A program developed by a private firm. Not being based on open source technology, its file format isn't usually known, and/or usable by other programs.


Answer by  pradonog (117)

The term proprietary software refer to a program that neither free or have a copyright owner that can restrict control what user can do with the programs. It also can be said a closed source program, where other people (not the programs owner / writer) can not modify it in any way.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Proprietary software is just a synonym for a beta version. That means, that is has to be tested to get a round product.

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