Question by  azteacher (19)

What is meant by Humana Gold has problems?

My mother is reconsidering her enrollment to Humana.


Answer by  camfishy8 (55)

You have to be careful with these Medicare Advantage plans. In my experience the patient often pays more at the doctor's office than if they just had medicare. Often the 20% coinsurance on the Medicare allowable charge is considerably less than the copays doctors are required to collect by these Advantage plans.

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Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Problems could mean many things. Most of the time doctors have a hard time getting their money. Another problem could be that they deny a lot of claims for small or no reasons at all. It may be very hard to contact the company about a individual insurance policy for a person.


Answer by  notenoughfacts (257)

Of course more information is needed. Humana Gold, an insurance policy has "problems" usually refers to the way it's money is being accumulated. Often times insurers have teaser programs for older Americans, and then after a year's experience realize that the utilization rate, how much their customers are using the plan ends up not giving them enough profit.


Answer by  kurigami (31)

Many people find that having an intermediary between themselves and medicare only serve to delay the claims process and make it harder to work with your doctor. Enrolling in a different medicare advantage plan can often give other options for you. Try looking into the more comprehensive medicare plans for better overall coverage.


Answer by  eyesfan (111)

Many members of Humans Gold have been trying to switch back to regular medicare or medicaid. Humana seems to deny many claims,delay treatments. Another complaint have been not being able to get a referral from a Humana doctor. The complaints are mounting so hopefully they will change policy and keep patients happy.


Answer by  Easyrider (43)

Humana Gold is currently under federal investigation for failure to pay legitimate claims. We will have to wait for outcome of this before we act.

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