Question by  AnujaMuthukumar (34)

How do you go about adjusting the float valves on a Gold-Wing 1100 motorcycle?

I need to make some general adjustments on my Gold-wing yet I do not know how


Answer by  Denver283 (76)

wellll, I think you ought to look at your owner manual which should have some troubleshooting tips. Mine tells me how to do stuff like adjusting float valves. More technical issues the book will say to call or contact a professional but outside of that it should be pretty helpful.


Answer by  VintageGlory (93)

You need a gauge to make the adjustments on your Honda Goldwing 1100. You can pick one up at most small machine shops. To test your float valves just make sure the spring loaded pin is depressing and returning without resistance. Make sure the tip doesn't have worn groove.

Reply by AnnaS (123):
It is called a synchronization gauge. They are not very expensive and can be found at any auto part store or if you prefer you could go to a Honda dealership to purchase it. Should come with instructions on how to use with purchase. Call Honda for a part recommendation.  add a comment
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