Question by  vicman (34)

What is involved in skin grafting?

I have been told I need some skin grafting done and I am unsure about it.


Answer by  Tejal (36)

Skin grafting is when healthy skin from one part of your body, mostly thighs or abdomen is removed (think like a potato peel) and then surgically attached to another part of your skin, which is damaged. The new skin heals and the wound heals faster.


Answer by  dedre (998)

Skin grafting is a process in which a small to large portion of skin is removed to replace damaged skin on the same body. The skin that replaces the damaged skin is usually from areas that are less noticable.


Answer by  addled (32)

Skin grafts are often the only way to promote healing of wounds. First, an area to remove the skin from is injected with numbing medicine, often Lidocaine. Then, small, circular pieces of skin are taken and placed on the area that needs repair. Both areas are bandaged and you will be asked to keep both areas clean while they heal.


Answer by  sham (110)

skin grafting is transplantation of skin or skin substitutes for replacing the burned or wounded area. There are many risks involved in skin grafting like bleeding,infection and nerve damage.


Answer by  krisnair84 (211)

Skin grafting is when a part of your skin is taken to be provided as a graft for another part. Doctors will perform sergury to remove the epidermis and transplant it to the new area and seal it with stitches. The new skin layer will then grow.


Answer by  kejal87yahoocom (11)

skin grafting is basically involed when some part of ur skin is burnt and you need to wound up.dis is done through surgrical operation wherein healthy part of the skin is removed n placed in on the part where d injury is occured.

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