Question by  ruffy (1117)

What is involved in selling baked goods online?


Answer by  Hisprincess (8)

Selling baked goods online requires more then just some very yummy foods. A person will need lots of good quality pictures to prove their work. A person should also have a list of ingredients or at least ingredients that are commonly known allergies, like peanuts.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well they have to be safe. You can sell them on amazon but you have to prove they are great and they will be delivered on time.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Consider what-condition your-products are likely to arrive in after-shipping? (bagels ship a lot better than frosted/layered-wedding-cakes ;) At-minimum: you probably-need a sales-tax/vendor's license from your-county/state-government, you probably-need some-type of food/health-sanitation license/permit depending on your-state/locale. Most importantly you need to accept on-line-payments. Lastly, advertising/web-site-traffic-volume makes a big difference in revenues.


Answer by  Alone (6)

The hardest thing about selling baked goods online is the fact that the customer can't get the all the senses involved. As with most foods, the aroma is the biggest selling point. That leaves only the pictures and descriptions to entice the buyer into making a purchase.


Answer by  Liz54 (103)

Have to check with your local Food Inspections for the rules for your location. Make sure your baked goods have the allowable shelf time, and don't get stale fast. Prepare the packaging. Prepare your website, sign a contract with a delivery company for discounts, and start SEO of your website to be able to sell in volumes.

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