Question by  medusa (14)

What is involved in removing a fire place damper?

I need to remove the fireplace damper so that I can clean it prior to the start of winter.


Answer by  delaro (6)

First clean out the fireplace (soot and ashes and everything you can from the pipe) and locate the fireplace damper. Try to unhinging it by removing bolds or pins and sliding it sideways. If the damper is stuck you may use a plasma cutter and a pry bar to move it.


Answer by  AV8DJYFHUVFCZ (5)

I just cut a big 'V' notch in one side of mine, and it worked fine. Get a reciprocating saw with a blade long enough to cut through both the face and the top shelf.Plan the angles of your cut with care to avoid cutting twice.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

You do not need to remove the damper in order to clean your chimney. You will need to open the damper and have the proper rods and brushes.

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