Question by  test19 (36)

What is involved in recording sound through a keyboard's headphone jack?


Answer by  LPlatter (271)

You need keyboard, computer, stereo-to-stereo cable, 3.5mm(keyboard) to 2.5mm(computer) jack adapter and a program called Audacity. Download Audacity from Connect adapter to one end of cord, plug into keyboard and other end to computer microphone jack. Open Audacity. Press Record. Anything you play on keyboard should be recorded.


Answer by  JLeG (15)

The user must run a headphone cord (with adapter on female end) to a recording device ie. computer with proper recording software.


Answer by  AD8000 (130)

You mean out of a headphone Jack on a keyboard? Its best if the keyboard has a line out. Plug into the sound in on a computer, use recording software.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

If your intention is to record the keyboard sound into a computer (per se), then yes, you would plug in from the headphone jack and into the mic line in in the computer or recording device. The, if you are using the computer, the line in setting to record.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, when the keyboard hears a sound, it detects it and goes through the amplifiers, producing a sound on the headphone jack.


Answer by  Kiko85 (40)

That exact scenario does not make sense. Keyboards do not have a headphone jack. Even if they did, recording sound through it would be impossible. Therefore, that question does not make sense.

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the casio ctk-330 has a headphone jack. Actually, I think a lot of the older casios do.  add a comment
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I think ever electric piano has a headphone jack, and yes, this method does indeed work.  add a comment
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