Question by  Mike (43)

What is involved in installing a washer dryer hookup?


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

You need to first ensure that the dryer vent is clear of any debris to prevent any backup and possible fire. Then make sure the an O-ring is installed on the washer hose. Then hook up the hot and cold hose to the provided spouts. Then hook up the dryer exhaust to the provided outlet and plug them in.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

For the washer, connect the water hoses to the supply valves and the washer and the drain hose to the drain connection. For the dryer, connect and clamp the exhaust duct to the dryer and exhaust connection. Be careful not to put kinks in the duct.


Answer by  jsflw2010 (459)

For the washer hook up the hot,cold water and drain hoses. Plug into the wall. The dryer will need plugged in and the exhaust pipe hooked to the wall outlet.


Answer by  Pondsi (42)

Usually, only a large wrench and a screwdriver are needed to hook up a washer and dryer when all the electric outlets are in place. First, attach the washer to the water lines and plug it into the power. Then, hook the exhaust hose on the dryer to the wall and plug it into the power.


Answer by  embockjr (709)

The important factors that are required involve the availability of acceptable electrical power (both voltage and current standards), and water (both hot and cold) with a suitable drain.


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

If you have all the proper hook ups from a previous washer and dryer than it should be a very simple process.


Answer by  Imagin (88)

You will need electric outlet with suitable power,hot & cold waterline with drain, a screwdriver, a large wrench,some nails so the hook can be hammered in the wall. Hook the appliance to the power & washer to the waterline. It is advised to consult a skilled person or professional to ensure the correct installation safety.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

You will need some nails that can be fixed on the wall easily, firmly and conveniently so that when the hook is hammered in the wall it will hold well for safety.It is important you consult a professional fitter to ensure high quality work and certification of good quality done.


Answer by  rjs108 (310)

Usually, only common tools are needed to hook up a washer and dryer. First, hook the appliances up to the power. Then attach the washer to the water lines.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

The best way to hook up your washer and dryer is to hook the exhaust up on the dryer and plug it in.

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