Question by  Cilindiary (27)

What is involved in digging water wells?


Answer by  Serafinah (232)

This takes a lot of heavy equipment, as you must dig (usually) incredibly deep to obtain a constant supply of water. Also, take into consideration the QUALITY of the water - get it tested prior to drinking!


Answer by  gwdragon (76)

A proper location with a reachable water table is needed to dig a well. A hole must be made down to the water table and below it. This hole can be small for a pipe and pump or large enough for a hand crank and a bucket.


Answer by  askandyoushallreceive (658)

Finding the right spot is key in digging water wells. Next the area must be surveyed for power lines, gas lines and such. Then machines are needed to dig.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

First you need a dowser, or some good geographical knowledge. The most efficient and least dangerous way is to hire a professional. Ask your neighbors for recommendations.


Answer by  Sparky101 (366)

A well drilling rig, commonly truck mounted is used in most applications. Upon arrival at a selected viable drilling site the operators will drill for water to a predetermined depth whereupon tests will be conducted to determine if the water quality is acceptable to the customer. If customer approved a well point will be established and a pump installed.


Answer by  bitchstewie (489)

most states require the work be conducted by a licensed well driller. The well driller will auger a hole into the ground to the water table. They will install slotted pvc piping and then install a pump connected to a power supply. This will be finished by placing a cover on the well


Answer by  shane37 (19)

As technology has grown we use machine to digg wells it consists of many pipe rods which is sharp at the bottom used for making a hole on land by means of force applied by the machine this procedure repeated untill the water starts to kick off from the ground


Answer by  sakthi68 (37)

Water wells provide drinking water, water for irrigation purposes. It also provides employment opportunity to many people. It involves planning, manpower, various equipments, water table, water diviner in some countries like India. Wells are constructed using stones as well as concrete rings.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

If the ground is relatively soft (not shale or limestone) it is fairly easy. If you keep the hole under 10 feet, you won't need reinforcement. Make sure you dig the well away from septic systems and animal pens. If you're unsure, it's best to call a professional.

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