Question by  coolcatzz (19)

What is involved in bush removal?


Answer by  Grandma (66)

Using a sharp shovel, gently cut the dirt until the entire bush has been encircled. The bush can then be lifted out and placed into another location or destroyed.


Answer by  philosophy (243)

The primary concern is to remove as much of the root system as possible. For certain types of bushes, this can be pretty challenging. Dig around the base to expose as many roots as possible. To get good access, you may have to cut the rest of the bush first.


Answer by  cwalker0 (190)

Starting about 2-3 foot around the bush and dig down to where the roots grow and pull it out of ground.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

well you need a couple of stronge man and shovels and a chair if it come down to it try digging it out and if this dont work put the chair down by the root and pull with truck


Answer by  JJ88 (91)

Using the proper tools is very important, good tools for this task would be: A shovel, a hedge trimmer, a roto tiller, and a set of coveralls.

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