Question by  jeff98 (34)

How can I help save my dying Knockout rose bush?

My rose bush is dying. The leaves are withering and it's not sprouting any new growth. How can I save it?


Answer by  JackiesAngels (23)

Remove debris underneath, prune the dying bush back. Apply mulch all round the bush 2 inch layer. Water well, to get new growth, apply fertilizer for Roses. Check for pests, like aphids, scales and mites. Remove pests, wipe leaves clean top and underneath the leaves, and make homemade spray.


Answer by  vidito1 (68)

Roses require attention to pruning in order to thrive. In the spring cut back any old growth and dead canes. Fertilize with a fertilizer specific for roses.


Answer by  NHanselman (144)

I think your best bet is to uproot a small portion of the bush and transplant it to a container. Bring that container indoors to ensure you still have a start of the same rose bush if the original dies. Otherwise, do not over water or over fertilize, as both will undermine your efforts to bring it back.


Answer by  souldolphindream (835)

It may be that they are being over watered. I have found that putting used coffee grinds at the base of my plant seems to bring them back to life.


Answer by  lorel (274)

Sad as it is, plants -- like animals -- do not live forever. Perhaps your rose has reached its lifespan. Unless it is being attacked by a pest, there is not much you can do.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Trimming the plant by one half then adding a mixture of fish oil and water to the soil works miracles on Knockouts.

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