Question by  karate (24)

What is involved in a Broadway audition?


Answer by  Pete88 (72)

Broadway auditions usually contain 3 to 4 parts. The first is a prepared scene from an appropriate show. The second is 16 bars of your best singing and the third is showing a proficiency in dance or movement. The fourth might be a a cold reading (dialogue that is provided for you to read at the audition.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Memorize ALL of your lines ahead of time. Gather EVERYTHING you will need, water, head shot, resume the works and get there at least 15 minutes before audition. Introduce yourself to everyone and be very pleasant. Set a good look. Be unique. Stand out from the other actors. Broadway isn't for everyone.


Answer by  Turks (319)

Broadway is an audition in a larger perspective. The selected few make it big into the world of acting, and they are the cream of the lot that had auditioned. Broadway has auditions held for Singing, Dancing and Acting. You need to be the best to clear the scrutinizing eyes of the judges.


Answer by  GeekBoy (146)

Different productions may have different requirements, but in general actors wait in large groups until the director calls them to the stage. They might have to sing, perform a short monologue or read part of the play with other actors. Having a head shot and professional resume is also important.

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