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Question by  jeenylim (22)

What is good language for an invitation where I want people to make a donation in lieu of gifts?

Can I tell them specifically what cause I want them to make a donation to, as an alternative to presents?


Answer by  racheljh (72)

In lieu of gifts, please make my (birthday or __) more meaningful by making a donation to one of my favorite charities, listed below. Provide two choices of charities


Answer by  Michele (20)

YES, offer an alternative. "We request your PRESENCE, but not your PRESENTS. If you must give a GIFT, give the GIFT of life by donating to the City of Hope"


Answer by  starrylane (30)

I would not ask for donations to a specific charity, because that's a personal decision for the guest. This is a simple and direct example of what I would say in an invitation such as this. Instead of a gift, I am requesting that each of my guests make a donation to a charity of their own choosing.


Answer by  Zach49 (27)

The host requests, in lieu of material items, a kind donation to the following charitable organization. Your gift will not only honor the host, but help in the ever-present duty that we must attempt to heal the world and spread loving kindness.


Answer by  Scott (109)

Yes. I have seen this done many times and it is never looked down upon but rather impressive. I would just be as specific as possible. A good example is: Larry and I already have all we need, but would love it if you would donate in our name to the local animal shelter.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Help us to support March Of Dimes in honor of our children by donating to them in stead of purchasing gifts that they do not need. We appreciate anything that you can do for us and the organization that has helped us so much and resulted in our healthy children.

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