Question by  danceur (210)

What is a traditional graduation invitation wording?

I am making my own invitations.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Inform them that they are cordially invited to your graduation. Give your full name, the location address, date, time, and schedule. Include a map insert for invited guests. State any limits on the number of people who can attend, such as if you only have a ticket for one person.


Answer by  serene30 (32)

Traditional means unique and original. When making your own invitations you should consider wording such as 'commencement ceremony.' This wording still gives a thorough explanation that you are having a graduation ceremony. Also, you could include wording such as 'initiation ceremony'. This would give the general idea that a person is going to the next chapter in their life.


Answer by  susheel (10)

Trditional graduation Invitation wording is a special fuction or ceremony arranged by the university to congrates to the students who have finished the graduation programme from the university for their good success and wish them a very good and bright career in their future. it is a announcement which creating excitement to our special graduation event.

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