Question by  CW11 (29)

What is good food for dogs with bad teeth?


Answer by  claudia3564 (13)

it depends what you mean by "what is good for dogs with bad teeth" if you want something to clean their teeth use chew toys that and made to clean teeth while the dogs chew on them. but if you want something for them to eat that doesn't hurt their teeth, trying using can dog food


Answer by  Sherry65 (81)

Bad teeth are often seen in older dogs. Soft food is the choice for dogs that have bad teeth. The ground food is easier than the chunky style dog food.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

It depends how bad they are. If the dog can't chew it needs canned food, but dry food helps keep teeth clean.


Answer by  Anonymous

try to get treats that help the bad breath go away

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