Question by  tdish64 (15)

What is fireweed honey and where does it come from?

I live in Ohio; no one here has ever heard of it. My friend in Oregon told me about it.


Answer by  teal (33)

Fireweed honey, or the "champagne of honeys", results from bees pollinating the redish purple colored fireweed flora found in the cool climate and higher elevations of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Fireweed blooms after fires or in damaged soil approximately every two years for a duration of about one week and requires less than fifty percent humidity.


Answer by  claudia (249)

Fireweed Honey is Honey that comes from the Fireweed Flower or some call it also a weed. It grows in cooler climates or higher elevations and areas who had some damage from wildfires. The Fireweed honey is a nice more fruity tasting honey it is light and mellow and prefered by people who want a little less sweet. Enjoy.


Answer by  FoodExpert (11)

Fireweed honey comes from a weed that grows in damgaged soil, usually after a fire. It has a smooth texture and can be found in higher eleavations.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Honey picks up the flavor of the pollen the bees collect to make it. Bees that gather pollen from "fireweed" make fireweed honey.

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