Question by  pmanuel (15)

How do you set a table for a 1920's party?

I am hosting a 1920's party soon, a dinner party.


Answer by  esneed (114)

One way would be to do everything in black and white. Black napkins, white tablecloth, black charger, white plate. This would give your dinner party an old time, classy feel. You could use a flapper girls style hat for your centerpiece.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

Use black, silver and white colors add linen tablecloth/napkins. Make calligraphy place cards. Put little top hats at the place each place setting for some decoration. Add arrangement of flowers.


Answer by  Nicole15 (56)

Make sure you have a nice candle centerpiece and wine glasses. Be sure that all the dinnerware matches because it would have been tacky to have them not matching back then. Buy some old flapper and gangster hats and set them at each place on the table so when people sit down they can put them on for the experience.


Answer by  PirateKing (114)

One fun idea is to recall the classic element with neutral tablecloths, black napkins, and a rather formal layout of the silverware; for the centerpiece, consider feather reminiscent of flappers.

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