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Question by  adamje42 (25)

What is considered to be a mild bilateral foraminal encroachment?

I need to understand what a mild bilateral foraminal encroachment is.


Answer by  Moma123 (1043)

Bilateral foraminal encroachment is the narrowing of gaps (foramina) on both sides of the vertebrae. Foramina becomes narrow and begins to put stress on the nerves in the spinal column.


Answer by  Mcbaldr (106)

bilateral means both sides while foraminal is a hole which the nerve goes. if the nerve goes out from the spinal cord, it is called encroachment.


Answer by  Taran (716)

Bilateral means both sides, neural means nerves, foraminal is the hole it goes through and encrouchment , its getting squashed a bit. Id say you've got a back ache. It is where the nerve goes out from the spinal cord and goes out through a hole in between the vertebrae and if that hole smaller , then that term in encroachment.

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