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Question by  bbb (54)

What is causing my Craftsman Lawn tractor to jump when the clutch is released?


Answer by  Jelly69 (163)

Even though the clutch acts like a break, there is still a shifting transmission. Lower the accelerating rate to the lowest setting, then remove the clutch. That should stop the jumping of the tractor.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

You could be releasing the pedal to quick or the slave cylinder is going on the tractor. That will cause it to jump like that. Try to add some brake fluid to the clutch if it is a hydraulic clutch and just pump the clutch and see if that helps you out.


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

it is shifting gears and your transmition could be a little bit offline and its having a hard time catching onto the gears but if you have it serviced they can tell u wat is wrong


Answer by  cgrid76hotmailcom (545)

The clutch needs to be tuned to where it wont do that when you engage .The way it sounds is it has to much bit in it .It could be turned down so the jumping is absent .It doesnt take that long to do this.It could also be the opperator

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