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Question by  uxor22 (17)

What is "carat" with regard to gold?

I hear 18 carat and 24 carat, but they look the same.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Carat refers to the purity. By law, the max purity is 99.999%. 99.99 divided by 24K =99.99% pure, 18K = 75% pure, 14K = 58.33% pure, 10K = 41.66% pure


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

A "carat" refers to the weight of actual gold that is found in jewelry. The higher the carat weight, the better quality (and more expensive) the gold will be. 24 carat is better than 18 carat, even though they might appear the same.


Answer by  akaflyer (71)

Carat, or caratage refers to the percentage of gold versus alloy that is in that particular item. 24 carat gold is 100 percent or pure gold, with no alloy. 18 carat gold is 18/24 percent, or 75 percent pure gold, and 25 percent alloy. 14 carat gold is 14/24 percent, or 58. 3 percent pure gold, 41. 7 percent alloy.


Answer by  martine (860)

When concerning Carat in gold it is referring to the quality and purity of the gold used in the jewelry. In time lower grades may tarnish easier.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

Karat refers to gold. It's a measure of how much gold is in the piece. Carat refers to the weight of a stone, like an emerald. 24K gold means 100% gold but it's too soft to use for jewelry. 18K would be 75% gold and 25% other metals for strength.


Answer by  Elizabeth73 (292)

24 carat gold is softer than 18 carat gold, they may look similar but their density is different and the higher the number the easier it the gold bends.

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