Question by  silenceinspace (21)

What is bridesmaid etiquette?


Answer by  BethT (222)

A bridesmaid is not solely at the beck and call of the bride, but should offer assistance with planning the wedding and reception. Many times, the bridesmaids, collectively, host smaller, more intimate gatherings, such as "Stock the Bar" parties or lingerie showers.


Answer by  foodie213 (301)

A bridesmaid is generally expected to help the bride out with certain wedding preparations if she lives close enough to the bride (for example, a bride may ask for help in putting together favors for the guests). A bridesmaid may also be expected to purchase her dress, shoes, and accessories and chip in for a bachelorette party.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

Number one, do not wear a lower cut dress at the events than the bride. Two do not stick out or be more outgoing than the bride. Three, watch for the bride, if she has a beef with someone intercept them, help them move the receiving line forward. Four, do not get drunk.

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