Question by  rrittenhouse (14)

What is aquarium hair algae?


Answer by  kak (488)

Hair algae is annoying in an aquarium. It is a greenish colored unsightly algea that grows quickly. It grows so fast that it can grow back a few hours after scrubbing an aquarium. It attaches to glass, gravel, etc. It can be removed by wrapping it around a toothbrush or putting algae eaters in the tank.


Answer by  FishGal88 (351)

Hair algae is a particularly stubborn strain of algae that affects saltwater fish and coral tanks. Very few live animals will control a hair algae problem, so your best bet is a safe chemical algaecide and careful selection of corals. Be sure not to select corals that have hair alage growing on the base.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

Hair algae is long stringy algae you will see floating in the water. Usually it is harmless untilit gets out of control.


Answer by  Alan58 (98)

Aquarium hair algae is algae that grows in aquarium when the balance is not quite correct. It is called hair algae because of its hairlike appearance. You can purchase chemicals to correct this at any pet store.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

Hair algae is long stringy algae in your fish tank. This is caused by excessive amounts of nitrates and large amounts of light.


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

It's stubborn green hair that can be found in an aquarium pool. You can remove it by wrapping it around a small stick.


Answer by  fishfactory (9)

Green hair algae is a pest that is hard to get rid of. They can be controlled by making sure nitrate levels in a tank are low and with fish/invertebrates that eat algae.

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