Question by  Joe95 (10)

What is an easy and quick science fair project for a child who is in the third grade?

I need a science fair project that he can do himself.


Answer by  jmwilli25 (14)

Use a set amount of weight then use varying numbers of pulleys to see how much force is needed to lift the weight. To find the force necessary to lift the weight add the minimum amount weight to the other end of the rope that's needed to lift the weight.


Answer by  Teenmom (298)

A nice science experiment about osmosis - you put celery in different colored dyed water, and measure how fast the color moves up the stalks.


Answer by  Matt09 (25)

A great science fair project that any young child can complete is the testing of batteries. With various brands, determining which battery is truely the best can be really exciting. Use something the will easily drain the batteries such as a flashlight and time how long it will shine.


Answer by  MzVickie (186)

Can you build a boat that moves by propulsion? Do plants move? Can you make a game using series or parallel circuits? Can you separate light into its rainbow colors?

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