Question by  dee33 (36)

What are the different uses of magnets in science fair projects?

I need to create a science fair project for a third grader using magnets.


Answer by  RM (20)

Passing a magnet through a wire-coil generates an electrical current in the coiled wire that can be measured on a volt meter. Or even used to light a small bulb


Answer by  MzVickie (186)

How can you use magnets to make a simple compass? Materials: magnet, needle, small jar capful of water. Procedure; magnify the needle and float it the water. It points North. Can bar magnets demonstrate the magnitism of the Earth? Materials can include magnets, paper drawings of the Earth and iron filings


Answer by  DrHarris (508)

One idea is to use the magnet to see how much iron is in various breakfast cereals. Blend each cereal with some hot water, and then put the magnet in there to see how much iron comes out. It will be a fine black powder.

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