Question by  superwhites (220)

What is an "apothecary jar" and what is it used for?


Answer by  t123 (520)

Apothecary jars are long glass containers, usually with a lid, that were used by herbalists or other medicinal purposes. These days, however, people use apothecary jars for other, more decorative purposes or as lamps.


Answer by  Silvia (182)

An apothecary jar is a jar in which medicines used to be stored in a drugstore or apothecary. Now they are decorative and make for nice knick knacks in a home or store things in them as the originals were used. You can find authentic ones in antique stores and at flea markets.


Answer by  JinnG (33)

An apothecary jar is an old fashioned glass jar with a metal lid. Neither the jar or lid is threaded so the lid sits on top without screwing on. Doctors used these to store medical supplies. People use them now for home and office decor to get a vintage look.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

These a basically a glass jar used to store or display goods in. They range from basic cylindrical shapes to elaborate and ornate ones. They can be used to hold items or as a form of decorations.

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