Question by  ryry806 (30)

Do I need medical treatment for a broken pinky finger?


Answer by  trippedwire (31)

It depends on the break. Depending on the severity you might be able to splint it and wrap tape around it yourself until it heals. However, it's difficult to tell unless you have it checked out by a medical professional. Go to the doctor just to be sure.

Reply by Mazzi234 (0):
But where are they gonna get a splin from  add a comment

Answer by  Anita27 (656)

As long as you can handle the pain, you do not need medical treatment for a broken pinky. All a doctor will do is wrap the finger. If it does not feel better in week, or starts to hurt worse, you should see a doctor.


Answer by  AdamT (60)

If it is still in alignment and the skin is not broken you can usually use a splint to keep it straight while it heals. If you have health insurance you should just go to urgent care to have them fix it.


Answer by  Mazzi234 (0)

If it is not too painful or deformed you should make a apointment with your and if he thing you've brokn it you should go to your nearest emergeny room and when u go to the triage room the trage nurse would decide if you need an x-ray or not

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