Question by  AngelaKay (49)

What is advice for hitting a topspin forehand?

I have been practicing tennis because I want to make my high schools team as a freshman. I have trouble with forehand.


Answer by  csartori23 (6)

Grip the racket so that the face is looking up at you. When hitting the ball, make sure to flick your wrist in a manner similar to turning a doorknob


Answer by  BilWitters (436)

In order to hit a topspin forehand, a person should brush up under the ball from a low point and swing upwards and forward at the same time, following through with the swing by bringing the racquet over the opposing shoulder after the swing. By brushing up on the ball, you will create topspin.


Answer by  ilankumaran (62)

practice makes you perfect.You didn`t mentioned the trouble .If you have some pain in the forehand use painkillers, while servicing the ball mostly give the strength to the hand.


Answer by  thetruthy (249)

Make a loop on your backswing being sure to drop the racquet head below the height of the ball. Then swing forward from low to high brushing up on the back of the ball. Be sure to hit all the way through the ball and follow through with the racquet head over the oppisite shoulder.

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