Question by  Lindsay22 (39)

What is a "well drink"?


Answer by  JustAGirl (25)

It's a mixed drink that is mixed with a generic brand of alcohol instead of a more expensive name-brand. It reduces overhead cost for bars.


Answer by  SteveO (147)

A well drink comes from a keg and out of a tap but does not come out of a bottle.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

A well drink is when the bartender uses non specific alcohol to mix your drink. Often bars have house alcohol that is less expensive than your name brand alcohol and they will use that to make drinks to reduce the cost to them and to you. If you want to lower your bill then drink well drinks.


Answer by  sean15 (19)

A well drink when purchased at bars is the cheapest version of liqour that the bar is carrying. If you were to order a well bourbon and coke, you would recieve a cheap bourbon such as old crow, kentucky gentleman or another bottom shelf bourbon.


Answer by  westvb (11)

A well drink is considered a lower end liqour at a bar/restaurant. The brand itself will vary from location as well as the quality of the alcohol. A well drink in a rowdy sports club will be of considerably less quality then that of an upscale steak house.


Answer by  cconno06 (26)

A well drink is a reference to the cheapest alcohol of each type of alcohol that a bar maintains. The well drinks are located under the bar and easily accesible.

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