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Question by  whitney (19)

What is a volume regulator and how is it used?

My husband said he is going to get a volume regulator for the tv.


Answer by  jimmygumb (93)

A volume regulator does exactly what its name suggests: it regulates the volume of programming on the television. This usually means that the user sets a certain decibel level that they deem appropriate for their general television viewing, and the volume regulator adjusts the volume of all programming (commercials included) to fall within the set parameters.


Answer by  Lianwen (18)

Essentially, all televisions have a max volume. What a volume regulator does is it locks the television from ever reaching that max volume. Say your tv at the loudest goes to volume 50. You probably normally listen to it at volume 20. A regulator would make sure the volume never went above a dangerous listening level, protecting your hearing.


Answer by  yomot45 (8)

Many times while you're watching television or movies the volume changes, this tends to annoy many people so to fix the issue you can purchase simple to install devices that deliver consistent audio levels through abnormally loud or quiet scenes in a movie, when commercials come on, while channel surfing. Pick your preferred level and the regulator does the rest.


Answer by  Bobby5957 (7)

A volume regulator is for people who want to sleep, while others watch tv. It makes the volume quieter after a certain length of time.


Answer by  sooz (644)

A volume regulator keeps the tv volume the same through tv shows and commercials instead of the volume going up and down. It also keeps the quality of the sound consistent. It contains an advanced digital signal that adjusts the volume so you don't have to. They can cost anywhere from $20 to $40.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

TV volume regulators are most often used to control the rise and fall of the volume. This is most often associated with the changes in volume from a TV show you're watching to the commercials on in between breaks.


Answer by  leah84 (1043)

A volume regulator is a tiny box that you hook up to your television. It keeps sound levels the same throughout whatever your are watching. No more pesky loud commercials!

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