Question by  Starless (24)

What are the advantages of a Mac over a Windows PC?


Answer by  Merzkiyi (604)

It depends how you like to use your computer. Macs are generally better for audiovisual work such as audio engineering, film editing, and Photoshop. They're often more stable as a system, and very few viruses are written targeting Macs (around 70, as opposed to tens of thousands for PC). You also won't need to install drivers for peripherals.


Answer by  twmdog (21)

1. Better design of the interface and look and feel. 2. A lot clearer to use software. 3. Software come free with the mac - ilife etc 4. Hardly ever goes wrong 5. Tasks are a lot easier to do. 6. Well designed products and accessories 7. Quality and function 8. Easier to configure 9. Apple support is available 24/7


Answer by  Anonymous

Efficiency, plain and simple. Also, when you factor in all of the programs and anti-virus software you need for a PC, it'll cost roughly the same. So why torture yourself with frozen screens, and hours of frustrating tech-support? Go Mac, it'll rock your socks.


Answer by  Bananapants (27)

Mac computers offer a smoother user interface with clearer access to features a computer user needs. They also suffer from fewer viruses circulating on the internet and fewer hardware incompatibility problems. Mac software that comes built in offers increased sharing of resources and interconnectedness, giving you more power to manipulate your files.


Answer by  RazorMK (59)

If you asked me, i would say that MACs are better than Windows, but actually in real life we have more use of windows because it is the simplest operating system on earth, unlike mac or linux for example where there are millions of commands to run from the console(but they try to make it like windows lately). GoPC


Answer by  e36 (170)

Macs are generally considered better at photo and video editing and easier to use than Windows PCs, and more stylish in appearance, but are also more expensive.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Currently the Mac is less prone to viruses. Not because its better protected, but because Windows systems are so prevalent that hackers are more likely to attack them. Otherwise, at this point they are pretty equal. The only area that Mac tends to do better is graphics work with large file sizes.

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