Question by  Gildersleeve (1)

What is a snippet (Snippet_3009A3F5C. inds) on my Mac OS desktop?

I found a snippet (Snippet_3009A3F5C. inds) on my Mac OS desktop. What is it? Should I delete it?


Answer by  BigMomma2 (132)

Run a thorough scan and if everything is clear you should just toss it. I did a thorough search on this particular snippet and couldn't find anything at all about it but then again I'm definitely technically deficient especially when it comes to Macs. I would toss it though.


Answer by  RowdyDawg (106)

I'm not really sure to tell you the truth. Maybe you could call a tech specialist from the manufacturer of your desktop or perhaps even from your internet service provider. I would just say I got a Snippet_3009A3F5C on my my desktop... can you tell me what the heck it is?

Reply by VintageGlory (93):
Amen! I agree that this is something that a specialist needs to be consulted on. If no one can really answer what it is and what it does then a person would be nutz to listen. I would even consult the owner manual. It might be a common message.  add a comment

Answer by  Zetau (125)

. INDS -- is not a legitimate file extension on the Mac, or any other platform, as most can only be three characters. . IND -- Adobe InDesign. Perform a 'Get Info' on the file to discover when it appeared, how large it is, etc. You could probably toss it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Here you can find perhaps the right answer: http://www. graphic-design. com/adobe/InDesign/id_snippets. html. Try to draw your snippet on an open InDesign document.

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