Question by  Jellyneck (84)

What is a reasonable cost for installing a washer and dryer?


Answer by  rube26105 (379)

Anymore- 400-500$ or so for a washer and dryer each is a goood price to pay, both mine just blew up, so i know fisrst had about it


Answer by  pmm62 (243)

Installation charges vary with services included. A basic delivery of new machines and removal of old will likely cost $50-$75. Add in costs for dryer hose, dryer cord, and time to connect these, and the cost could move to $100 or more.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

I bought mine at Lowes when they were having a deal for free delivery and install so I paid nothing.


Answer by  trdimc2009yahoocom (171)

Installing for a washer and dryer should be free if you get the product from the store. A reasonable fee would be about $150. If you have to pick up the washer and dryer, delivered it and install, $150.00 sounds like a reasonable price. If you have to do plumbing the price can be higher.


Answer by  antoniosorci (23)

The cost for installing a washer and dryer can vary depending on where you get your washer and dry. Some places may install it for free but if this is not the case then you should expect to pay around $400-$500. Many factors are taken into consideration to determine a price.


Answer by  Heather0816 (16)

The cost should range between $50.00 to $100.00 as plumbers aren't cheap. Your best bet is to find a well respected handyman or read the directions and try it yourself.


Answer by  sara99 (851)

Cost-None! Plug the dryer in outlet. The washer will have two water hoses, one goes to hot, one to cold. Put the overflow into the drain hole. Plug in.


Answer by  Missmeme11 (134)

Not including the cost of the actual washer and dryer, a reasonable amount to pay for the installation would be around $120.


Answer by  jackson (75)

In my country it will cost you around ksh.15,000.00 which translates to 140 us dollars.but this will depend on where you are getting the service.

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