Question by  Stella (26)

What is a mineral interest?

I need to define mineral interest.


Answer by  leroy (231)

Mineral interest is commonly referred to as mineral rights. This is the right to use, extract, or collect royalties on the use or extraction of minerals present within a property.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

One option you have when you sell physical tracts of land is to sell the land to be used or devloped but to retain the rights to any minierals found on the property. So say someone else can build their house on that land, but if they find gemstones in the soil, you have the rights to mine the land.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Mineral-interests/rights are a real-property "estate": Owner's right to certain or all of the sub-surface minerals: crude-oil, gold, natural-gas, ... Specifically, Owner's Rights-to: 1. Use reasonably-necessary-surface to access minerals, 2. Convey all/any of these interests/rights, 3. Receive bonus-consideration, 4. Receive delay-rentals, 5. Receive royalties.


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

Having a mineral interest in a place means that you have the right to obtain the minerals and resources from that particular area.


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

When you have a mineral interest in land, you own the rights to any minerals that lay beneath the surface of the ground and the reasonable means necessary to harvest.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

The mineral interest can be defined in several ways. Firstly, it can be defined as the amount of deposit that has been left inside of the mineral. This can range from anywhere to 5 to 100 grams depending on how big the mineral is in the first place. Hope that helps.

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