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Question by  starke59 (15)

What is a home treatment for dry sockets?


Answer by  eiryck (847)

One practical home treatment for dry sockets is to gargle often with lukewarm water with salt to serve as a mouth antiseptic. It could prevent infection leading to bad breath.


Answer by  wendycollins (11)

you can use blistex lip medex on a cotton ball, clove oil, and rinse with salt water. avoid smoking and hard foods after the tooth's pulled to avoid dry socket


Answer by  Tina1rules (62)

Clove oil can be found at your local pharmacy. Clove oil is a God send when it comes to any kind of tooth pain. This oil has an awful taste, but it will instantly take away any pain you have. All you do is just swab it on the affected area and you will fell better instanly.


Answer by  sunitadas (121)

To treat dry sockets, you can rinse the area with warm salt water and then apply clove oil.Clove oil can be mixed with olive oil for better results.


Answer by  Esme (535)

Some common home remedies to care for dry sockets are rinsing the mouth frequently with warm salt water and placing cold packs or frozen vegetables on both sides of jaws. These methods will relieve pain and swelling. Brush your teeth and clean the area with soft brush. Visit your dentist to ensure everything is fine


Answer by  LisaJM (79)

Rinse with saltwater or mouthwash every day. Take an aspirin for pain. Some people say clove oil is a good home remedy.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

You will want to keep the area dry and keep all debris out of the area. The best way to do this until you can get to the dentist is to pack the area with cotton. Take some pain reliever and call the dentist.

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